Data Bene partner of pgDay Paris 2023

Join us at pgDay Paris 2023!


Data Bene contributes to the PostgreSQL@CERN Meetup 2023

At the start of the year, we are continuing our community involvement!


On demand solutions.

Is PostgreSQL the right solution for your project ?
RPO and RTO defined ?
Business continuity plan to be built or consolidated?
Are performance targets met ?


From design

Organization of the information system, database design, we are here to help you on these subjects and help you design the architecture adapted to your requirements.

On-demand services

PostgreSQL expertise applied to team and project support, audit, architectural consulting, our experience at your service guarantees you optimal management of your data.

Technical assistance

Support for systems in Production, PostgreSQL Technical Referent for all contexts of use in relation to your teams, directly, and with our network of partners, we are always present to help you, in all circumstances, throughout the world.


“DevOps”, study or production DBA, sysadmins, developer or data architect, whatever your uses or expectations of PostgreSQL, we share our knowledge with enthusiasm.

Free software

PostgreSQL, PostGIS, pgbouncer, … (and also ansible, docker, …)
Free software is ready to be improved, changed. We are participating in it, you too: together let us strengthen the projects we use!

A flexible and rational approach

We adapt to your organization, we offer our methods, we promote free software.



Every business has its specificities, its profession and its habits. We take them into account and work in cooperation with you.


Our flexibility allows us to handle any type of project, by proposing the methods adapted according to the objectives to be achieved and the context of realization.

Free software

We believe that the pooling of tools promotes the valuation of trades. Using free software and improving it allows you to concentrate on your core business, with the best tools. Your uses of these and your skills make the difference!

A welded and passionate team.

With more than 15 years of experience with PostgreSQL, Cédric and Frédéric speak on all subjects related to data management. And all this in coordination with Christophe who manages the projects and allows everyone to concentrate on their activity.

Cédric Villemain

Cédric took his first steps with PostgreSQL in 2004, and has continued since when exploring all of them facets. 15 years as a consultant allowed him to apprehend hundreds of projects with VSEs / SMEs, large accounts and the public sector.

Christophe de La Guerrande

Over the past 20 years, Christophe has built up a solid experience in BtoB commerce. Coming from Télécoms and Open Source computing, he was able to manage strategic clients as well as national projects in the public/private sector.

Frédéric Delacourt

In the field of Telecoms, referent PostgreSQL, Frédéric provided for 10 years the functions of database architect and assistance to the dev and support teams. For 5 years, full-time consulting has confronted him with a wide range of new challenges.

They trust us :

  • Le Bon Coin
  • Decathlon
  • LaFourchette
  • Adobe
  • Cap Gemini
  • Doctolib
  • TF1
  • Parrot
  • BUT
  • Orange
  • Le Monde
  • Zendesk
  • Acoss
  • Webedia
  • ArianeEspace
  • Exane
  • Radio France
  • Agence Nationnale des Fréquences

Expert and available, Data bene has been supporting us since 2015 on the architecture of our data and the application aspect as well as on the operational implementation of our PostgreSQL clusters. Data bene allowed us to develop our data in knowledge of the latest advances and innovations from which we could benefit.

Julien Vey Operational Excellence Manager | Radio France

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